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Graduation Info

Dress Code for Graduates

  • Students should wear dark, dressy clothing under gowns -- NO JEANS!

  • Shoes should be suitable for walking and climbing stairs.

  • Only school or district issued stoles, cords, and medals earned during grades 9-12 are to be worn.

  • Caps are worn on top of the head, with the point in front. Caps are not to be decorated in any way. A decorated cap will result in loss of marching privileges.

  • Tassels begin on the right-front side, then move to the left-front side at the end of the ceremony, when signaled by the Arts Council President from the stage.

  • Purses and other personal items should be left with family or at home. There is no secure space to store these during the ceremony.


  • All 2023 graduates will receive 18 tickets.

  • Students who need ADA tickets must complete the survey sent to all seniors.

  • Tickets will be distributed at the conclusion of graduation practice along with all final graduation regalia.


Preparing for the Ceremony

  • The Valedictorian and Salutatorian will review speeches/remarks with administration 48 hours prior to the ceremony.

  • Val/Sal speeches should be 2-3 minutes maximum.

  • Pursuant to the Florida Statute 1002.206, the “Florida Student and School Personnel Religious Liberties Act”, the school district has adopted a policy that establishes a limited public forum for student speakers at any school event at which a student is to speak publicly. The student’s speech does not reflect the endorsement, sponsorship, position, or expression of the school district.


Graduation Practice

  • The graduation program/script will be run at practice to establish cues for movement.

  • Academic regalia will also be distributed at graduation practice.

  • After practice, diplomas will be matched with marching order list.

  • Students will not march if not in attendance for graduation practice.


Graduation Day

  • Seniors will be called to arrive at least 1 hour before event start time.

  • Students must be on time to graduation. Tardiness may result in placement at the end of the processional for commencement.

  • Final attendance will be taken for name readers.

  • Graduates are expected to observe the dignity of the occasion. Various disruptive behaviors are inappropriate and disrespectful to the solemnity of commencement.



  • Diplomas are presented by the principal except in the case of family members’ awarding (see below).

  • Diplomas will be distributed on stage as graduate names are called.


Staff Participation

  • All teachers are required to attend graduation unless excused by principal.

  • Per PCPS policy, all faculty on the floor or stage must be dressed in regalia.

  • LHS teachers are also welcomed to participate in the ceremony.


Parent Presentation of Diplomas

  • A school board member or current school-district employee who holds teacher certification and who has a child graduating, or is the immediate family member of a child graduating, may request to present a diploma.

  • Requests should be made at least 24 hours prior to graduation practice.

  • The family member must attend and participate in graduation practice.

  • The family member must also wear a commencement gown.

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