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Harrison Hall of Fame

The Harrison Hall of Fame selection process was established by a committee in 2015. The original committee came up with an application that highlighted three different categories of potential nominees. Those categories are:

  • Harrison alumnus (at least 10 years post-graduation)

  • Retired Harrison faculty or staff member

  • Friend of Harrison – a community supporter whose impact on the school is significant.

The Harrison Alumni Relations Committee evaluates the nominations for the Hall of Fame and financial support for this program is provided by the Harrison Parents’ Association.

Hall of Fame Nomination Form: Nominations are now open through Dec. 31, 2023. Please click here to access the online nomination form.

Hall of Fame Members


Karen DeMichael (Faculty)

Beth Mason (Friend of Harrison)

Kristen Grady Milligan (Alumni)

Karen Olivo (Alumni)


Anna Baldwin( Alumni)

Paul Hughes (Faculty)

Dr. John Stewart (Friend of Harrison)


Quentin Earl Darrington (Alumni)

Mark Thielen (Faculty)


Robert Fleitz (Alumni)

Judy McLaurin (Faculty)


James "Jim" Verplanck (Friend of Harrison)

Rebekah Haubry (Faculty)

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