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Welcome to the Harrison Piano Department! The piano department at the Harrison Arts Center is dedicated to providing a quality arts education to each student, according to their individual artistic and academic abilities. Individual goals are acquired through a demanding, but nurturing environment and curriculum, and the dedication of each student.

The piano department is designed to offer students an opportunity of a highly concentrated study in classical literature for the piano and advanced preparation for future artistic and education goals. Enrollment capacity is maintained to provide individualized and group instruction. Various guest artists within the community are contracted for additional Master Classes and performances.

Piano Department Handbook
Piano Audition Requirements

Patrick Fleitz, Instructor


Phone: (863) 499-2855

10th Grade

Keyboard II

Music Theory II*

12th Grade

Keyboard IV

Instrumental Ensemble IV*

AP Music Theory

9th Grade

Keyboard I

Instrumental Tech I

11th Grade

Keyboard III

Instrumental Ensemble III

Electronic Music (1/2 cr.)

Inst. Tech III (Guitar) (1/2 cr.)

* denotes course with honors weighting

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